Welcome to this website, which illustrates my work as a composer.

It contains several pieces of music and videos, in a wide variety of styles.
To hear the music or to view the video, just click on the name of the piece.


The website is divided into four categories, which you can browse with the lower frame. The first page contains examples of my music for commercials, including both demos and actual works. The second group contains music for soundtracks that have been used in radio dramas, short films, animations etc.. In the third group you'll find music composed for several situations, basically anything that wouldn't fit in the other groups, just to demonstrate the variety of my interests in music. Finally, the last page has some samples of my work as a "contemporary music" composer.

If you'd like to look at some sort of resume, you can find it here.

To send comments, to ask for collaboration on projects, to commission some music, or just to say hello, please click here or on the "contact me" link on the top right.

please read:
All audio and video files should now be accessible to both MacIntosh and PC machines.
Some files are moderately large, please be patient.
Please inform us of any malfunctioning files.
Special thanks to Maxk for his php script and other people on this forum for their help.

© Mario Berlinguer