Mario Berlinguer

Composer and choir conductor, Mario Berlinguer (born in Roma in 1961) has studied with Alessandro Sbordoni, and also with Giuseppe Scotese and Romolo Grano. He has achieved a degree in Choir Conduction at the Santa Cecilia Conservatory in Roma, and a degree in Composition at the Alfredo Casella Conservatory in L’Aquila. In the meantime, he’s always been interested in all sorts of music, from pop to rock, from ambient music to jazz.

He’s therefore a very versatile composer. His classic contemporary pieces for organ, string quartet, piano, have recently been played by performers such as Mark Latimer, Livia Mazzanti, the Penderecki String Quartet, the Silesian String Quartet, Elizabeth Wolff. Some of his works are published by Taukay
His string quartet Undorea has been included in a CD with the book "L'incantesimo dei tanti mondi", by Ornella Rota. His rather large contemporary music work Waves, People and Winds, composed for the "Water Journey - Dwr Taith" Project - an UK-Italy-Slovakia cooperation. has been performed during the 2011 Levocske babie leto (Indian Summer in Levoca) Festival, Slovakia, with the sponsorship of the Arts Council of Wales. More recently, organist Livia Mazzanti has commissioned and premiered his Jeux d'Escalier for the Saint-Louis French cultural center, in the Trinità dei Monti Church in Roma, and the same piece has afterwards been performed by Mazzanti in several concerts in France and Germany.

As a composer of soundtracks, he has written music for theater, radio plays, short films and commercials. He composed the soundtrack for Bonnie & Clyde (with music by Massimo Fedeli also), and Rasputin, l’ultimo stregone for Radio2 (Italian Public Radio). For both, the publishing company is RaiTrade. Amongst his most recent works it's worth mentioning the songs for the "cantattrice" (singer-actress) Anna Maria Castelli for the "teatro-canzone" (a mix of monologues and songs) show Se io ho perso, chi ha vinto? (by Abner Rossi, lyrics by Abner Rossi and Alessandro Hellmann). A CD with some of the songs from the show is going to be published in October 2012.
He’s written soundtrack style music, heavy rhythmic pieces, chamber music, vocal and orchestra works, and songs.

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In the years ‘84-’89 he has worked as a teacher at the high-school Liceo Mamiani in Roma, teaching Musical Education, History of Music and Choir Workshop.

In 1989 he has contributed to the creation of the Polyphonic Choir Pharma Pharmacopea. The choir, under his direction, has regularly performed concerts until 2001. He has recently started a new vocal ensemble.

As a Journalist, he has been a contributor for the Portuguese Magazine Ada’gio, Revista de Arte e Cultura. In the early ‘90s, Ada’gio named him head of the Italian office. In the same years, he has also been a contributor for the Italian Magazine Invarianti. He has collaborated with the public radio station Radio 3.

Starting from 1994, he has been Vice Editor and then Editor of the Magazine Suono. In 2001 he left this position in order to move to the USA for a few years. In the US he continued working for the same Magazine, and he also focused more on writing music.