Trailer for the short film "Massimiliano", by Martin Patrice Ndong Eyebe.

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Two excerpts from the terrific short film "Selezione del personale", by the Italian Director Simone Andrizzi.
The main actor is Maurizio Desinan.

A few clips from the beautiful short film "Il Risveglio" (The Awakening) by the Director Martin Patrice Ndong Eyebe, with Sonia Grassi, Riccardo Maneglia, Matteo Paglierani and others.

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Excerpts from the score from a horror short film (Zombie Slayer)
Audio only, since the film is still being edited.

Music for a stop motion animation. This is not the final version, and it's a work file (low video resolution). In the final version there's much more sound effects,
I wanted here to focus more on the music.

Music for the short film "L'alternativa", by Martin Patrice Ndong Eyebe. Complete and final version (about 7 minutes).

The following samples, somewhat old, are taken from the soundtracks of two radio dramas, Bonnie & Clyde (directed by Idalberto Fei) and Rasputin, l'ultimo stregone (directed by Ida Bassignano), both produced for Italian Public Radio "Radio 2". I've selected just a few of the many pieces that I've composed for these shows. (These five pieces are published by RaiTrade, so we will need their permission should anybody be interested in using them.) The listener should keep in mind that this music was composed to accompany scenes with dialogues and/or ambient noises, and that should be taken into consideration especially if you listen to the complete pieces. With agreement from the directors, I chose not to produce “period pieces,” not to mimic the music of the epochs in which these radio dramas take place. Nevertheless, there are occasional hints related to the prevailing style of those times.  For all examples you'll find a short version and the complete piece.

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Rasputin 1 Rasputin 1
In this scene, Rasputin is sick and delirious in a hospital bed. He hears voices that aren't there.
Rasputin 2 Rasputin 2
Rasputin was a pig, or so he was portrayed. He liked to have orgies, claiming that in order to get to heaven, one needs to experience depravation. In any case, this is the music written for his feasts.
Bonnie & Clyde 1 Bonnie & Clyde 1
Bonnie and Clyde's lives were full of adventure, but at times even they had to wait for something - sitting outside a bank for the most opportune time to break in, for example. Here the music reflects what goes on in their minds in moments like these.
Bonnie & Clyde 2 Bonnie & Clyde 2
Bonnie was initially a very good girl. Then... she could not resist the temptations of a different kind of life and embraced it without hesitation.
I wrote this particular theme to represent temptation in the '30s.
Bonnie & Clyde 3 Bonnie & Clyde 3
Bonnie and Clyde were always on the run, so I wrote this piece with a strong rhythm, and a very simple (but hopefully intriguing) music.

Musica: © Mario Berlinguer