In this page you will find some of my works for commercials, and demo based on pre-existing videos. The demos are simply examples of my different styles, and the original videos have never circulated with these soundtracks. They were composed to illustrate the range and creativity of my work and were specifically designed to blend the background music more closely with the message and images presented in these commercials.

Parco Kolbe Sports Center

Music I composed for a promo for a sports center. Animations by STACK|RENDER Digital Architecture, music by Mario Berlinguer.

Forty Grains of Black Powder

Los Pobres

Music for two book promos.
The second one is actually an adaptation of a pre-existing work I composed at a previous time, the client liked it and asked me if she could use it. Books by RLB Hartmann.

Demo 1

This demo is based on a famous video directed by Giuseppe Tornatore and produced by Roberto Gorla from Gorla&AdPress, which very kindly authorized my use here (Gorla&AdPress, website). Produced for the Italian Society for the Alzheimerís disease, its original version contained no musical soundtrack. To underscore this chaotic scene of a parliament session, I've chosen to compose a piece with a strong rock personality, followed by a more relaxing piece for strings.
Many thanks to Roberto Gorla for his kind permission to publish this little experiment and the "Lazzaroni" one below.

Demo 2

This example is based on the very popular commercial for Davidoff-Echo. The music was composed to enhance the images, step by step. I'm especially proud of the authorization and approval for using this film in my demo from the Director Jean Baptiste Mondino, from the production company Bandits, from the agency Select and from Coty, owner of the Davidoff brand. Originally, this film was accompanied with the song "In The Sun" by Joseph Arthur.

Demo 3

Another famous commercial, again by Roberto Gorla, produced for Lazzaroni cookies. This film had an original soundtrack that I replaced with music I composed for this demo. Rather than underline the childish focus of the ad, I chose to create a little romantic piece with some rhythmic hints of childhood.

Demo 4

The music for the fourth demo example is again very different in style. The commercial (which I did not receive permission to show as it reflects a previous branding identity) portrays a dancing girl with fast changing scenes of metropolitan life in the background. Both the film and the music have a very rhythmic personality.


Scacchi di Re Artý - King Arthurís Chess Set

For the soundtrack for this assignment, I proposed several pieces to provide the client with a wide range of choices. With advice and suggestions from Roberto Gorla, we managed to produce a soundtrack that accompanied the video and narrator appropriately, and also satisfied the client's criteria and individual preferences.

N.B.: The videos included here are not final versions. In some cases, the sync is not yet perfected and the mix is balanced more on the music, for demo purposes.  All the music here, except for Artý 7, is available for your commercials.
Please contact me if you'd like to receive a higher audio and video resolution file for this commercials.


 Artý 1    Artý 1 bis  
Two slightly different orchestrations for a movie-style soundrack.
 Artý 2  
A dance with Medieval like sounds and harmony.
 Artý 3  
A ballad with lyrics from an epic poem about King Arthur. Naturally, this version requires a female voice as a narrator.
 Artý 4  
An initial version with a female voice. The music here is evocative, but probably too sweet for this particular commercial.
(Vocalist: Rose Hayden)
  Artý 5    Artý 5 bis 
This other vocal piece, with a different style and melody, is a closer match for this film. The second version is more rarefied.
(Vocalist: Arianna Berti)
  Artý 6 
A different ballad, again peformed by Arianna Berti.
The orchestration is reduced to a minimum, to make it more captivating and reduce any interference with the narrator.
  Artý 7    Artý 7 bis   Artý 7 ter  The last of the three versions of this soundtrack was the one selected by the client. The mixing and the sync in the   final product   are slightly different..
camelot camelot

Music: © Mario Berlinguer