Collaborations with Anna Maria Castelli, "cantattrice" (singer-actress)

Curva Sud Le Rose di Pantani
(original arrangements by myself of two songs by Claudio Lolly, authorized by the author)


The cover for the CD "Se io ho perso, chi ha vinto?", coming out in October 2012 (Edizioni Maremosso). The CD showcases some of the songs for the "teatro/canzone" show by Abner Rossi, that goes by the same name.
Lyrics by Abner Rossi and Alessandro Hellmann.

Cindy and me 1 Cindy and me 2
Demo for opening animation of a web-series. Two different ideas. Moke-up words of course.

Music on the animation for the Stack|render website's intro.

More music samples
(some rather old...)
In this section you'll find examples of various styles of music. I didn't want to flood you with too much music, therefore I selected some samples to give an idea of what kind of sounds and styles are in my repertoire. I can produce almost everything, from orchestra scores to rhythmic and electronic music, and of course vocals and acoustic instruments can also be available.




  English Mystery    English Mystery 

A film score for orchestra. The title reflects its style since it could work very well as a soundtrack for a light English mystery comedy.
  Meditation Extended    Meditation Extended 

Background music, a very relaxed beginning with a piano, while the second part is more dynamic. It's been used for a promo DVD for AVIS, the Italian Society of Blood Donors
  A Secret Place    A Secret Place 

Primitive slow paced music for relaxation. The rhythm and the ornaments take you to a second more melodic part with flute and strings.

  Drones 1    Drones 1 

To compose background "drones" is lots of fun. Also, they come handy when you need to create tension in some scenes, or to score particular videos. Here you have a few seconds of a "drone", just to give you an idea.

  Chasing Shadows    Chasing Shadows 

Electronic sounds in an unusual context. A melody on the guitar emerges like a surprise, and gives the piece a sweet tone.

  L'Agguato    L'Agguato 

The piece was originally composed for a very long ambush scene, from its preparation to its tragic conclusion. Because it was not used by the show given editorial considerations, it is therefore 100% mine with no need for any additional copyright clearances.

  Light Grows Longer    Light Grows Longer 

It took a while for me to decide to have here a song performed by myself (but after all, why not?). When I compose song I like to try many different styles, as you've probably noticed. This one if on lyrics by Steven Garrett. The complete version is quite a big file, please, please, please, be patient.

  Minimal Folk    Minimal Folk 

Background music originally for a promo for the Italian Society of Blood Donors AVIS.

  Drones 2_2    Drones 2_2 

Background music based on a drone, with a very slow development.

  Good Reason    Good Reason 

And now something to make you dance! Not much else to say... just turn the volume UP!


Music: © Mario Berlinguer